According to data from the Pellet Fuels Institute, pellets are a limitless fuel source. In addition to wood waste, pellet fuel can be manufactured from forest thinning byproducts and other biomass ingredients.



What is the difference between a super premium, premium, and standard fuel pellets?

Ash content determines fuel grade because of its role in maintaining your oven. It is the prime factor that determines the frequency of ash removal from the appliance and venting system. While there are many Premium wood pellets for sale, there are only a handful of exceptional Super Premium pellets (less than .5% ash) available to consumers.
    • Standard grade fuel is usually up to 3% ash content and is derived from materials that produce more residual ash, such as tree bark or agricultural residues. Standard pellets should only be burned in appliances designed to burn the higher ash content pellets.
    • Premium grade is less than 1% and the pellets are usually produced from hardwood or softwood sawdust containing no tree bark.
    • Super premium has less than 0.5% ash content. That's a big deal to a stove owner because you're cleaning your stove half as often compared to premium grade pellets.