According to data from the Pellet Fuels Institute, pellets are a limitless fuel source. In addition to wood waste, pellet fuel can be manufactured from forest thinning byproducts and other biomass ingredients.



What are the cost savings of using fuel pellet heating?

The average cost savings are typically 25 to 75 percent less than using fossil fuels. Every home is different and some of the factors that can lead to using more fuel are the age of the home, insulation, window quality, square footage, the temperature outside, and how warm you keep it.

Here are a few simple examples that you can use to compare your fuel usage against using pellet heating:

For pellet heating, every one ton of wood pellets equals:
120 gallons of heating fuel
170 gallons of propane
16,000 ft3 of natural gas
4,755 kilowatt hours (kwh) electricity